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About us

At Bedside Matters we are a small group of people (not a big corporation) that actually care about people's well being. There are many people in the sexual wellness space trying to make big bucks $$ out of something in our life, whether that is ED/low libido or any other type of dysfunction that causes us a great deal of pain and unhappiness. What our small team is trying to do as a collective group that has suffered from all sorts of sexual dysfunction in our lives, is to pass on some information and some knowledge to stop the unhappiness that this causes.

Do we make money, yes we make commissions from the sales of products we sell and believe in. As I said we are not some big corporate machine. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. This keeps it 100% reader supported and we appreciate your support.

Sex which we all think and talk about endlessly is something as people we have a surprising amount of problems with. We feel shame, guilt, an inability to communicate and regret mixed in with desire which most of us restle with at some point in our lives.

At Bedsidematters, the aim of our small team is to "lift the lid" on why we have so many issues with sex. Our bodies and minds need sex, our bodies and minds are one, bodies do not function without our mind. We are one and sex is part of that. 


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