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It is so important to not lose sight of pleasure and play in a relationship. It can help with any fear of intimacy and it will strengthen your togetherness. After all sex is meant to be fun! Having fun together and experiencing pleasure together can also help with the stress and anxiety that comes with a sexual wellness issue. Sharing what you find pleasurable, your fantasies, letting each other into this part of you without feeling ashamed and fearful can be very liberating.  So how do you introduce the idea of sex toys and/or adult content to your partner if you think that this is a boundary they do not want to cross?

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Finding Pleasure

In order for a relationship to flourish you have to have to have fun. Finding new ways to have fun together and enjoying and finding pleasure in each others company is vital to a long and happy relationship. If you explore and discover together you will communicate better. It will also help you to start the conversation about your boundaries, likes and dislikes and what you want to explore sexually together as a couple. Great sex is about connecting and communicating.

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Sensual Experience

So how do you increase the fun factor while improving your sensual experience? Far from sex toys and watching hot content together being a sign that you are bored with each other, it is in fact a sign you want more intimacy together. We live in a world where sex toys and adult content is far more mainstream than ever before and sexual exploration and discovery together is far more talked about than it ever has been. The use of sex toys and adult content in your couple will more than anything help you break down the walls that you have created and move your boundaries and reduce any fear of intimacy.


They can add so much to your relationship by the very fact that you have to talk. You have to communicate your likes and dislikes in order to get the toys you both want and find the adult content you both want to watch that will get you both hot and heavy. If you or your partner are nervous,  unsure or

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