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Sexy Exclusives 

Sexual Play Together

The couple that plays together stays together!Sex is after all meant to be about pleasure and fun for everyone involved. So much of life is stressful and anxiety ridden. Sex should be your private pleasure zone together. Have as much fun together as possible and make your partner your priority.  Make sure you show your partner how much you desire them, sharing desires, dreams and fantasies and how you live them out.


Also make finding new and fun ways to play together a priority. Whether you are interested in sexy scrabble, sexting, role play or more, keep it spicy, keep it hot and keep playing together. Have fun dreaming and fantasizing about what you can do together. There has to be pleasure in life in order to be happy and fulfilled. Taking care of yourself and together has to be a priority. Sex is meant to be fun and should be about you and your partner and how you can have the most fun together. 

Think about writing a bucket list. Have you ever thought about these ideas:

  1. Is there something you never thought you would do but secretly always wanted to try

  2. A couples massage

  3. Role play

  4. Sex in a new location 

  5. Getting hot and bothered but not having sex

  6. Sharing fantasies

  7. Using adult toys together

  8. Reverse roles

  9. Buying sexy lingerie

  10. Doing some sexy shopping together

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Sex Toys for Mind-Blowing Orgasms

There really is no limit to the amount of sex toys you should have. If you like them, buy them. You don't just have one pair of shoes or one jacket right?! You need choice, selection.You need to figure out what you and  your partner like the most and there is a lot of choice. So why not start going through your options? Sex toys will increase pleasure and intimacy will open you up to exploration and adventure together. You could start by browsing online together from bed. The amazing thing about toys is you can play together in so many ways. Have you thought about cock ringsstrap-ons, there are so many choices. You might just choose to stay in for your next date night and do some research together. There is a lot of fun to be had doing the research.

Become An Oral Sex Expert

Oral sex can be one of the most pleasurable parts of hooking up, so you need make sure you are on top of your game.Whomever you are performing oral on, tell them that their genitals straight-up taste good. It's an insane turn-on. Be enthusiastic, it's super hot! Mix up your oral, move around, try different positions and introduce toys. Keep it fun! Talk about what you want to add in, butt plugsanal beads. Just remember you may have the best technical skill but if you seem bored, uninterested, it won't work. So get into it!

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