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Adult Toys

Having Fun Together

The health of your sex life is directly linked to your mental health, so taking care of your sexual health is just as vital as your mental health. Finding new ways to keep it exciting, is not a waste of time, it should be prioritized. Discovering fun new ways to keep passion alive is definitely a great use of time.

Bedside Matters has an amazing partner that has an awesome range of adult toys to discover and explore. 

You will find  the very best selection of Sex Toys to spice up your bedroom time with discreet billing and shipping at 


Toys of the week 

Prostate kit

Your Electronic Bedmate

Don't just reserve your electronic bedmate for those times when you actual partner isn't there. Why do that? Adult toys can heighten intimacy and you are sharing something new and exciting together. The beauty of most adult toys is that they can be used alone or together.

We know that bringing a toy into the bedroom for the first time can be a bit intimidating, especially if you're not sure how your partner will react. So talk about it together and make the decision together. There are so many toys to choose from, you can really have some fun!

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