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  • Blake Matthews

The Erogenous Zones of a Guy

There is a prevalent misconception amongst men and women that men only feel sexual stimulation with their penis, and even just in the head of the penis. The truth is that is that a man's body has many erogenous zones particularly when it is relaxed. What we are going to talk about today is the backdoor area that freaks many men out and they would prefer not to talk about. However it is the source of pleasure in all men regardless of their sexuality. For some reason we just don't want to talk about, so here and now we are going to break that barrier down!

What is that area between the penis and the anus?

The penis is really a part of something more than just the penis. It starts at the prostate area in front of the anus, and goes all the way to the very tip of the penis. The urethra likewise goes through there. The parts in between your legs will engorge when you are excited, the area bulges out in between the legs. With stimulation, this part of your body gives way to extreme feelings of pleasure. You and your partner can practise techniques to massage this area with a your hand or a prostate massager.

The anus and the butt in general

The anal area is a source if great pleasure that most men particularly straight men ignore. By touching it in just the right way you can give way to extreeme sensations of pleasure, satisfaction and ecstasy through your entire body. Why would you miss out on that? Also think of how much pleasure you can have in figuring this out.

The anus and the rectum

For most guys the words anus and rectum do not conjure up feelings of anything but fear! If you are straight the fear of feeling pleasure there really can be somewhat unerving.But why do we feel this? If you know who you are, who cares, if it feels good it feels good! You don"t have to share you inner most thoughts with anyone you don't want to. Make sure you are clean before you start any anal play but we are pretty sure once you start enjoying butt play you won't go back!There is a huge selsecton of anal toys available to get you started. Start slow and enjoy. This is meant to be fun.

The prostate

The prostate lays simply in front of the urethra and the anus goes through it. This gland produce much of the thick fluid in the semen. You can stimulate it from the outside by pressing firmly with your fingers inward simply in front of the anus. You can likewise stimulate the prostate by placing your finger into the rectum and massage the prostate through the front wall of the rectum. The massage launches prostate fluid. Feeling the fluid coming through your urethra and leaking out through you pee-hole, contribute to the physical exitement. The prostate in all men has its own sexual sensations, and combined prostate massage with anal stimulation can cause a kind of orgasm that has a much deeper psycological and ecstatic impact than ordinary penile orgasm.

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