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Exercise, Fitness and your Life

Updated: Jan 7

The power of exercise. Exercise has benefits other than the obvious, but do you know what they are? What are the far reaching effects of general overall fitness? Did you know that getting workout sweaty can actually have a massive impact on our personal life? That doesn’t mean you need to rush into an extreme exercise regime starting today. We are talking about a balanced approach to moderate physical fitness.

Are you in a relationship?

Are you suffering from intimacy issues or performance issues? Think about the connection that general physical fitness has to looking and feeling better. Also in addition to the general overall feeling of wellbeing you will have a feeling of renewed energy. Feeling and looking better means a more positive self body image. If you feel good and confident about yourself this will have a huge impact on how you behave within your relationship. You will feel empowered and this can positively effect the negative issues you are facing in your life behind closed doors.

So how fit is fit?

Well you need to move, but we are not talking about 24hr fitness, we are talking about balanced, focused, moderate exercise. Regular moderate exercise will help with anxiety, depression, it strengthens your muscles, makes you stronger, helps you sleep. What else can it do? Exercise helps with blood flow and increased blood flow to your private areas. We all know that exercise is a big .part of better general health, but do we know how positive it is for our private lives. If we knew it could have positive effects on our personal life maybe we would be more willing to get active!

A positive relationship with your body

If you have a positive relationship with your body, it will raise your self esteem. If you feel more confident in yourself you will probably feel better in your relationship. The positive benefits we could list are endless. An intimate relationship with a partner is a full body experience. As stronger mind-body connection will lead to a better relationship with yourself and in turn your partner.

Comfortable and Happy in your body

It makes sense that if you are happier and more comfortable in your body you are going to project a more positive self in your personal life. In turn this will have a positive effect on your partner. Positivity breeds positivity. If you are more comfortable and happier in your body this is going to have a knock on effect in a relationship. Men's and women's health so intertwined with overall general health, why do we ignore it? There always seems to be an excuse. We are not talking about excessive exercise. No, you don’t need to overdo it. We are talking about balance, look after yourself and look after your relationship, support your wellness. Learn as with everything in life, balance is everything.

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