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How do you have more sex?

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

We know you want to have more sex with your wife/girlfriend/partner. Men think about it 24/7. Statistically men think about sex every 2 seconds. So what are you doing wrong? Well people change, relationships change, life changes. So why would sex stay the same? It's probably time to look at your behaviour.

I am going to give it to you straight and give you some great advice so can change this.

1. Be affectionate, don’t Grope. To show your partner you are in the mood, don't reach out and grab — breasts, butt, genitals. It's annoying and it isn't in anyway seductive. If you want to seduce her, don't grope try being tender and affectionate.

Women want to feel connected and that doesn't always involve sex. Men on the other hand see something sexy and suddenly that's it you are in the mood. Women don't really work like that. Life, stuff often gets in the way and distracts us. But the good news is you can put us in the mood! Women love sex just as much as men. Make us feel sexy, make us feel wanted and desired and make us want to act on it.

2. Think about what turns us on and that doesn't mean porn. Ask us, engage with us. Know what your partner's fantasies are. Be playful, interested, connected and the rest will follow. A little effort will go a long way.

3. Pleasure works both ways. Do you want hot sex? Remember that this is not just all about you. If you want this to really work play together, be generous with your time and be interested in your partner. Then the sky is the limit.

4. Make sure you let her have some "me" time. Be helpful, help around the house, with the kids, take some things of her very long "to do" list. There is nothing sexier than a man who wants to help you, support you, who thinks about you and puts your needs first. Show this in your actions and every day actions.

5. Listen. I know that communication is not a male skill. You don't like chatting and want to keep to the facts and keep it short, but again its not all about you. Women are social, they need to communicate. I am not talking about intense heart-to hearts. I am talking about staying connected, listening, taking an interest. Make her feel appreciated, listened to and cared for. This will get you closer to more sex, trust me!

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