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Sex During Lockdown

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Many of us have had to say goodbye to sex during lockdown. Either because we live apart as a couple or because we just can't or really shouldn't just hook up with whomever we want during a pandemic!

Sex due to physical contact can spread the Coronavirus. Only abstaining or masturbating are really low risk, scientists have warned. Having multiple sexual partners from different households is the most risky.

So what do you do?

Many have found it impossible to abstain from sex with new partners or partners outside their household.How do you minimize the risk of catching Covid-19 during sex?

The experts say avoid kissing, wear a mask and shower before and after sex. This could reduce the risk of catching the virus.

These are sexual scenarios in the following order of risk from none to high:

  1. Abstinence - No sexual contact at all.

  2. Masturbation - A low risk of infection.

  3. Sexual activity on digital platforms - There is a low risk of infection but you have to be wary of online abuse.

  4. Sex with people within your household - You have to sure you are being careful and safe when outside the household so as not to spread it in your household.

  5. Sex with people from other households - this has a very high risk rate of infection, particularly if this involves multiple partners. 

It is not yet know whether people can be infected from Coronavirus via semen or vaginal fluid from a person infected with the virus. There are no studies that have proved whether the virus is present and infectious in sexual bodily fluids.

Sex is so important within a healthy relationship or just for enjoyment of life, self esteem and general mental health and well being.

The devastation caused by Covid-19 to human life, the economy and to our general physical and mental well being continues to push forward at an alarming and increasingly destructive rate.

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