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Sex And Toys

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

We no longer have to be intimidated by sex toys. For so long it was rather a hush hush subject. A little taboo, sort of ok but sort of embarrassing. That of course has changed so much in recent years. Sex toys are much more mainstream. The narrative isn’t about shame or embarrassment but more about pleasure and play. It’s ok to talk about it now and certainly to join in on the fun of using them. There are toys for women, for men and for couples. There is no limit to your pleasure and the fun you can have during the play.

The technology and wide array of products in the sex toy market has meant that lets be honest fingers, mouths, genitals maybe not work as well. Using sex toys spice everything up. Once you use them, there will be no turning back.

Adult Toys

We know however that even for the most open minded amongst us, bringing sex toys into the bedroom can still be intimidating. Even just starting the conversation about sex toys with your partner can be nerve racking. So if you are unsure about it, the best way is to simply start talking about it. They can add so much fun, talk about all the fun and pleasure you can have if you try out something new. If you decide that sex toys are something you would like to explore as a couple, the shopping can be so much fun and will open up your communication as a couple. Discovery and exploration with toys can be the ultimate fun. Also let’s not forget all the fun you can have alone. This doesn’t mean that you don’t love or want to be with your partner its just an enhancement.

Sex with your partner

There are so many options so don’t be shy, try it all! Remember that sex with you partner is a journey. Ask yourself what it is you want. Do you want something to use as your partner, something to use alone or both? Think of sex and masturbating as pretty much essential to your mental and physical health. You shouldn’t be embarrassed about sex or talking about it so why should you be about toys to enhance your enjoyment. You should invest in whatever will make sex feel better, more intense, more pleasurable and ultimately make you happier.

We talked to sex experts to bring you the best and the most varied selection check these out:

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