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Erectile Dysfunction And The Couple

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Sex is intricately bound up with our sense of self-worth and self-confidence. It’s the keystone to intimacy in our relationships with the ones we love. This is why problems with getting an erection - or maintaining one for long enough - can have a butterfly effect on pretty much everything else in our lives.

Talk to you partner about ED

It may feel embarrassing or awkward to talk to your partner about erectile dysfunction. It feels like a failing, and there is so much pressure from society on sexual performance, and a huge stigma associated with ED. But if it’s not talked about, it can become a toxic issue that drives a wedge in a relationship.

Miscommunication is the number one cause for the breakup of couples. If you’re experiencing trouble getting an erection, it could seem to your partner that you’re losing interest in or desire for them. By not talking about it, you create a distance and detachment from them which could further solidify this worry. In reality, most causes of ED are medical, and the sooner both parties understand why it’s happening, the less chance there is for disconnection between the two of you, and the sooner you can seek help.

Sexual Likes and Dislikes

It’s also worth remembering that your partner might have things to share with you too. Worries of their own, or sexual likes and dislikes. By talking about your own issues, you create an intimate dialogue where you can both share things with each other. It will only bring you closer, and reinforce the trust that is crucial to good relationships.

The main thing to remember is that this isn’t just your problem. As a couple, you share the impact of erectile dysfunction, and together you can find a solution. Because of this, it might be a good idea for both partners to be there when you have your free online consultation with a doctor, so that you’re both aware of the options. This is something Bedside Matters can organize for you, and help you navigate the next steps to getting treatment.

The Strength of your relationship

For those in a relationship, erectile dysfunction can cause serious trauma if not dealt with - for your own mental health and for the strength of your relationship. It’s not something you need to put up with, and by asking your partner for support, you’re showing them you trust them and allowing them to help you through the issue.

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