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The Stigma Of Erectile Dysfunction

Updated: Jan 7

We live in a world where sex is everywhere. It’s staring at us from billboards, filling our screens in TV ads, screaming out from the front page of tabloids. But the image of sex that we’re drip-fed on a daily basis is polished, pornographic, and perfect. There is an enormous pressure to perform like pornstars in the bedroom, and it’s led to an unhealthy culture with a stigma around sexual performance.

According to research, men are 50% less likely as women to go to the doctor in a two year period. The stigma of erectile dysfunction and the needless embarrassment around openly discussing it or even picking up meds from the pharmacy is a huge hurdle, one that often actually stops men from seeking help.


The reality is that over half of all men will be affected by erectile dysfunction over their lifetime. It is not something that only happens as you get older (although probability does increase with age), but something that can affect men of any generation. ED (erectile dysfunction) is a serious condition that can lead to traumatic associations with sex and intimacy, create rifts in relationships, and severely lower self-esteem.

It’s completely understandable why you might squirm at the thought of talking to someone about your sexual wellness. Sex is an incredibly personal topic, and combined with the ridiculously old-fashioned pressure on men to bottle up their feelings, it often feels like a subject that’s difficult to broach.

Why Are We Ashamed?

There is no reason why certain body parts should be stigmatized more than others. For so long, our genitalia have been given funny names or just not talked about at all. It’s time we woke up to the fact that sex doesn’t have to be a tabooed subject, and that the embarrassment and shame of talking about our bodies is antiquated and, quite frankly, unnecessary.

The main thing to remember is that there’s no need for you to suffer in silence!

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