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Sexy Stories During The Pandemic

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

We have collated a number of sexy stories from our readers over the pandemic. We thought we would share them with you to add a little sexy positivity.

Our first pandemic story

So this is the first story. One of our readers shared this story with us and was very happy to share it with you. So normally this couple go for "sexy" break for her husband's birthday. They normally go somewhere new, a great hotel, have a few great dinners and maybe a bit too much champagne and they have lots of "fun" in their hotel bedroom. No disruptions, no need to go anywhere, just enjoy each others company.

Romance during Covid--19

So what could they do this year? There was nowhere to go and no travel possible. So they had a fun idea. Rather than get down and depressed, they thought of what they could do and what was important to them. At the end of the day what they enjoyed was each other's company and being naked!

What did they do?

So they put some champagne on ice and had some tasty treats ready to go. They packed their "naughiest" sexiest clothes, got in their car giggling and giddy with excitement and drove around the block. They parked outside their house and checked into their own house! Luckily it's only them at home nowadays!They checked into their guest room, sipped champagne and the rest stays between the sheets!They had fun, they laughed, they enjoyed each other's company and they will never forget they had a "saucy" weekend in their own house during a global pandemic.

So this is just a great light hearted story. Why not make the most of a not so great situation. To enjoy the simple things and be grateful for those you love.

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