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  • Linda Ellis

Sharing My Truth

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Are you looking for a new podcast? This a hilaroius podcast called Sharing My Truth is hosted by Mel and Suzie. They are funny, insigtful and very entertaining.

Check out their website

Join them every Wednesday for , "enlightening and empowering conversation every week on "Sharing My Truth." They are two women from different generations, that chat very week about their uncensored experiences and perspectives on life, love, trauma, and sex.

They delved into some hard topics and don't hold back, in the hopes of promoting understanding and fostering connections. Their genuine friendship is obvious and shared values mean they are authentic, open about their positive and negative experiences, discussing how they all connect to each other. Their goal is to provide a space where listeners can escape the frenzy of life and gain a new, positive perspective.

Listen to this new podcast, its new, refreshing and very entertaining!

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