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  • Linda Ellis

Womanly Secrets

Who knows what a woman wants better than a woman, right? But, there is never any harm in seeing the other side of the story, especially when it comes to heterosexual relationships. Women can try their best to work out what a guy wants, but the only way to be 100% sure you’re going to win a guy over is to ask him what he thinks.

There is no recipe for knowing what guys want from women. Every man is different and every man will have different turn ons and turn offs. This is not to say that women should alter their behaviour to be more attractive to men or that they should constantly be worried about what men think about them. It is simply food for thought. The Womanly Secrets e-book was written by a man who simply wants to share his take on the male perspective for any woman curious enough to pick it up and read it.

The author was inspired to put this e-book together after a teenage heartbreak left him noticing that the advice women give each other often differs from the advice men give women. He noticed women telling his ex-girlfriend to try and make him jealous and to get his attention, but he found this off-putting and ended up completely losing interest in her. Had she been given different advice, perhaps they would have gotten back together and would still be together now. Who knows? There is no universal truth and there are no rights and wrongs - there are simply a range of perspectives, each one deserving its fair share of attention and consideration.

If you have had bad luck with men in the past then enlightening yourself as to the male perspective can be valuable. This book offers a new approach. Instead of bemoaning your fear of being hurt again or throwing around sweeping statements like “all men are assholes”, open your mind to what a man can teach you. You may be apprehensive at first and perhaps even teetering on whether or not the book is bordering on misogyny. Read it first and then make up your mind as to its content.

The author purports that the most important thing before you start trying to win over your dream guy is to make sure your current environment is conducive to such a mission. He talks about the importance being happy, as happiness is infectious. We can’t help having bad days, but this is where ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ comes into play. Sometimes all it takes is for you to tell yourself there is no point in being sad and that you should be happy instead. Suddenly, your mood changes and your positive attitude brushes off on the people around you.

Once you have discovered the key to being happy, surround yourself with people who also know how to be happy. This doesn’t mean you dump your mate the second they start feeling low, but the sad times should be the anomaly, not the norm. Happy friends means a happy lifestyle and when you exude positive vibes, you bring in a much higher quality of companion.

If you’re intrigued to see the other side of the coin, this e-book is a must read and won’t take up much of your time. Read it, think it over, and see what kind of a difference it could make to your love life.

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