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Updated: Oct 27, 2021

That's right, we are talking about private sexy time with yourself

What does self-care look like? Sleep, skincare, time alone? What about orgasms with yourself? Masturbation for men and women is a key step in your wellness routine. Why should you do it? Well it feels great especially at the moment spending so much time at home during this COVID-19 quarantine time. Setting aside some time for self-love will help you reconnect with your body and build your sexual self-esteem.

A private act of self-arousal

Self-pleasure puts ownership of your sexuality in your hands. Touching yourself is not disgusting or wrong, nor does it mean you don't love your partner. Masturbation should be a part of life, as normal as getting dressed. It releases tension, it's stress-busting pleasure! How can than not be a good thing to incorporate into your daily routine? It may seem as if nobody does it, but that simply is not true. Masturbation is a private act of self sexual arousal that most people do not talk about. The simple fact is most people do it, male or female.

How to get started

So what is the key to getting started? Well secure some time alone, some space. Think of how you want to get into the mood. Do you want to watch some adult content, what would you watch, what type of scenes? You don't have to decide right now, you can have some fun thinking about it and setting your time alone up.

Adult toys

Then do you bring toys into it? This is a wholly personal choice. What one person enjoys is different to the next. This is important to remember. As long as it is legal and consensual, is nobody's business what you enjoy in private.

Whenever you decide to have your time out for your own pleasure, take you time, don't feel guilty. Enjoy, relax and release.

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