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Revive your Sex Life with Toys and Content

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Having fun together with adult toys and adult content

Some people feel that if they use adult toys or watch adult content together as a couple that there is something wrong. There must be trouble in the bedroom department, but nothing could be further from the truth. Have you been thinking about how to add a level of erotic sensuality into your relationship? Do you want to introduce toys and adult content to experience together, but you feel that the subject is a little taboo. How do you bring this up with your partner? Do you already know that your partner has fixed ideas or insecurities? Do you think that if you introduce toys or watch adult content that means you are bored or unhappy? How do you break through those misconceptions? We are in an age where sex toys and adult content are much more mainstream, it’s much easier to broach the subject than ever before.

Erotic Adult Content

Adult content and adult toys are now much more mainstream. Adult content is very different today. The adult movie industry today has many female directors and films that are not just aimed at men and degrading women, but specifically for women. The new wave of adult content is for both men and women, showing women as equal participants, not just sex objects only present to gratify men. So there really is something for everyone. Sex toys and content do not live in the shadows any more. They can be a healthy part of happy consensual relationship.

Communication for better sex

Good sex, requires us to communicate with each other. Its about practice as well as theory. If you understand the mechanics of what should work but you can’t communicate and release the shame you will never fulfill your wildest desires. If you want to help guide your partner to reach sex toy and erotic enlightenment, it’s going to take a bit of reassurance, and a lot of sexual education. The great news is that it’s going to be very sexy and a lot of fun getting there.

Sexy education

Some people feel that the addition of sex toys and watching adult content means your partner is boring or has a lack of bedroom skills. Why don’t you educate them otherwise. We assume we know everything and cannot learn, but there is always more to learn in life. Learning new skills can broaden your horizons.

First step: Appease your partner’s ego. Let your lover know, how great they are between the sheets. Don’t be afraid to give them specific examples of how much they drive you wild. Who doesn’t love compliments!

Step 2: Once your partner feels good and confident about their bedroom skills, it’s time to talk about toys and adult content. They are an addition to what you do in bedroom, not a distraction, an obsession or a replacement. They can inspire you to be more adventurous. Make sure you tell your partner how you want to use toys and watch content together, they are not a replacement for the things your partner does to you in bed. Make sure you explain that you want to use the toys with your partner, not instead of them. They will be a sexy, fun and pleasurable addition to your bedroom life. Keeping a mix of sexy bedside toys and content to watch to together is not a sign of boredom. Quite the opposite, it’s a tried-and-true way to ensure a healthy amount of variety for you both of you.

The real fun

The real fun starts with the research and the shopping for your toys and sexy adult content. This can be an extremely erotic activity for you both, so make sure you set aside time to peruse and have some fun while you are doing it. Take the time to discuss it, understand what gets each of you hot and heavy and is a major turn on. Give into it and let both your imaginations run wild, visualize what you will do together before you decide what you would like to try first.

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